This database consists of data analysis, research, reports and abstracts regarding investigative methods applied in various cases studied in different areas of Italy where the use of appropriate tools have led to an analysis focused on phenomenon, primarily seeking a possible answer in the field of natural or artificial, and only after the classification "unknown".

The files are in italian.

Report on the phenomenology investigated scientifically by Dr. MASSIMO TEODORANI.
Dr. Massimo Teodorani graduated in Astronomy and subsequently received his Ph.D. in stellar physics. He worked at the Observatories of Bologna and Naples and, latterly, at the Radio Astronomy Station of Medicine (CNR). In terms of operations research, he has worked on many types of explosive events in stellar environments and, more recently, the search for planets and extrasolar extraterrestrial intelligence. Among his research interests are active there is also the study of geophysical anomalies of plasma. As a popularizer wrote books and many articles on quantum physics, atomic physics and nuclear physics of light anomalies in the atmosphere, astronomy, astrophysics, and even biographical bioastronomia on innovative science.

   Monitoraggio di anomalie nell'area di Solignano            

   Fisica delle anomalie luminose in atmosfera



Dr.Massimo Teodorani:


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The website of NARCAP has published an interesting e-book titled PROJECT SPHERE, within wich there is a chapter written by Dr. TEODORANI: 

Spherical Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena: Scientific Observations and Physical Hypotheses, Danger Evaluation for Aviation and Future Observational Plans.

Report of Nicola Tosi on F.E.L. (Energetic phenomena Luminoso), a name he devised to highlight that despite the similarity of the phenomena, there are differences that make an initial observation may not be noticed but using technical instruments of precision, one can come close to the "heart" of the phenomenon , immortalizing the morphology and dynamics in detail to the point of putting the researcher to separate phenomenology known (type lights telluric Hessdalen Like, plasma phenomena ...) from a totally new one. All strategies and applying research methodologies found in astronomy and the study of radio waves. In support of this, it shows that the phenomena investigated by Nicola Tosi are ongoing in an area of the Tuscan-Emilian between Montefiorino, Lake Saint and the Stone of Bismantova, and allow a continuous research and deepening, applying different strategies, including "borderline" type optical stimulation, audio and radio, searching for trials and errors are also
sound-luminescence situations.





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