The research methodology of Project UAP-Italy, uses a rational thought seconded by external influences (of pain or subjective evaluation) that can derail the real image of a phenomenology. All possible hypotheses or theories that may arise in the process of assessment, must first have the base of facts and figures that allow a valuation approach seriously. In this way it creates an inquiry focused on the field that allows you to apply all the best strategies based on knowledge of scientific subjects, to analyze the data.

he UAP-Italy Project centered research methods in various areas:

Digital / analogic photo

- Video recordings high-definition (HD)

- Filming techniques and analysis used in astrophotography

- Photo / video infrared

- Video surveillance stations with fixed / mobile

- Search for any abnormal frequency radionatura ELF-VLF simultaneously the phenomenon

This methodology involves:

- Continuous monitoring of the site / area of interest

- Analysis of data obtained

- Analysis in comparison with data from other areas

- Publication of any report


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