Phenomenology under study by the Project UAP-Italy, deals with a series of phenomena that affect various areas in Italy, which have made research on site or remotely by various groups, which have observed phenomena that have characteristics very similar to each other.


Veneto Region


45°GRU: for information, contact the group.




Emilia Romagna


The CIPH-ITACOMM (Italian Committee for the Project Hessdalen) is a research group
of highly specialized research that has been studying the anomalous light phenomena in the atmosphere with modern equipment and periodic missions in the Hessdalen valley, in Norway, for the study of light phenomena that occur in that time zone.

Research is also conducted in the field of TLEs (Transient Luminous Events), EQL (Earth Quake Lights), EL (Earth Lights), BL (Ball Lightning) and UAP phenomena. Formed by well-trained technicians, the group has devised SOSO (Smart Optical Sensor Observatory) project of surveillance of the sky to monitor meteors and meteorites entering the atmosphere, from which you branched network monitoring IMTN (Italian Meteor Network and TLE ).



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Appennino Tosco-Emiliano

Montefiorino Castelnovo-Ne 'Monti - Serramazzoni

Tuscan-Emilian Apennines were detected areas that are subject to a number of years that evolution anomalous luminous phenomena in the lower atmosphere, sometimes with impacts on the ground or in some cases approaching witnesses. The areas most affected are:

- Aviation area near the stone-Bismantova Castelnovo Ne 'Monti (RE)

- Outskirts Castelnovo Ne 'Monti (RE)

- Outskirts of the town of Montefiorino (MO)

- Area of Lake Saint-Montefiorino (MO)

- Outskirts of the town of Serramazzoni (MO)

These areas are investigated from time by Nicola Tosi Research Center Appennino Modenese, surveyor with considerable preparation in astronomy, geology, photography digital / analog (visual, infrared) and computer analysis.



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Tuscan-Emilian Apennines


Sassalbo is a fraction of the town of Fivizzano (MS), between Massa Carrara and Reggio Emilia, where in 2001 it happened one UAP sighting by several witnesses, followed by a luminous anomalous phenomena such as to take some research to monitor the entire area, using special instrumentation.

It was created so the Sassalbo PROJECT, a research instrument for studying applied at these phenomena, with particular interest on listening and analysis of radio signals in the anomalous longwave (radionatura ELF-VLF).

Still active, the Sassalbo PROJECT for long periods of monitoring and periodically provides detailed reports on its activities.


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Marche Region

Gabicce-bay Portonovo Ancona

Overlooking the Adriatic Sea, the CROSS Project is a group of researchers since 1997 studying the luminous phenomena that occur along the coasts of this area and out to sea, where they were seen by several witnesses of "light balls" of various colors that evolution in the sky or a few meters from the water. Apparently this phenomena occurs between Gabicce and Baia Portonovo of Ancona.

The CROSS Project was developed within the Center of Saludecio (RN) and presents a methodology for research on instrumental observations, photographs, video footage and research on the airwaves, earning a database
to high quality.



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